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Our long standing tradition of quality is what has always separated us from the herd.

The quality standards we started with have only been drawn tighter and have never been compromised, and never will be because it is what makes Canal Fulton Specialty Meats.

Our procedures are signed off by production, Quality Control, and Management before anything is shipped out our doors.

It has always been this way here; the standards are the standards, and they are not negotiable.

We purchase our supplies from the same suppliers we always have.

Something very simple, but it will make a huge taste difference in our product is the quality of our garlic, some garlic from other places tastes very different.

We have always purchased from the same region of our country and same supplier.

All of our products are born, raised and harvested in the USA. We purchase mostly from Ohio and surrounding states. Never from out of the USA.

We still make all of our products in very small batches with American meat cutters and packers.

Our hams are made one at a time and are whole muscle; again something that makes our product different than all the others. No fillers, not over processed or mechanically separated.

Being better has never been our goal. Doing things right has always been and being the best has always been what our customers say. We just continue doing it the way we have since 1969.

Doing things right, never goes out of style.

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